5 Marketing Essentials

5 Marketing Essentials

Not wanting to offend, but, as a professional coach or therapist you naturally want to help others first, before for instance, thinking about marketing. But, really marketing should be your first priority because you can only help others, if you have enough income coming in to allow you to run your practice well. Ideally not “just enough” but bucket loads so that you can help a much greater number of people. So, you may not like all the following essentials, but all of our strategies are based on one goal, getting you more clients and more revenue.

Ok let’s go your 5 marketing essentials are:-

1. Start with the Solution First

5 Marketing EssentialsThe very first marketing strategy is to reverse engineer. What do I mean by this, well, start with what you have to offer first, what is your main service or product. Hopefully you have a product and a service. Your solution is your promise. What promise are you making?

To do this well you need to be able to contain what you offer in a box! Let me explain this with a couple of examples..

How do you explain your promise? What do you say, and does it fit in a box?

1. I am a hypnotherapist – cool but too expansive to fit in a box.
2. I am a hypnotherapist that specialises in insect phobias – tick it is in a box.
3. I am a hypnotherapist that specialises in insect phobias and I have a 4 hour program guaranteed to have you smiling at every little bug!! – now that’s in a box.

4. I am a lifestyle coach – No not in a box.
5. I am a relationship coach – better but big box.
6. I am a relationship coach dealing with IT nerds – better still smaller box.
7. I am a relationship coach dealing with IT Nerds and have a 6 week program taking you from socially awkward to charismatic – Now that is in a box.

Can you see that in No 3 and No 7 both these can be contained within a box, they both answer the questions,

Who you are
Who do you help
How do you help

Remember the old 1 minute elevator speech we were all taught to practice, well the world has speed up, this is now your 5 second speech. Quick and to the point, now if there is any person with an insect phobia or an IT nerd within ear shot you are going to get 100% of their attention immediately.  This statement is good only when you are asked directly what you do and should be immediately followed by a question about them personally. Such as I am curious to know do you…, or what do you…, or how do you…?

2. Marketing Friendly Your Solution

I fireIt is safe to say that most coaches in general but particularly on their websites, use I” a lot, it tends to be about them, their practice and their solution, here is a classic example….

“Hi, my name is “I No Name” and my practice is based in Highfield Lakes near Ipswich. I also service all areas of Brisbane extending to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. To suit all locations and circumstances I provide a variety of session types as well as evening and Saturday appointments. You can come to my office or I can come to you if you prefer. You choose what suits you best:
Face-to-face sessions
Telephone sessions
Skype sessions
I use a variety of positive psychology tools and exercises, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), SMART goal setting and visualisation techniques, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. I am a Certified NLP Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist. I have worked in the Air Force for 15 years and within Defence as a whole for over 29 years. Life experience has taught me a lot during that time and I would love the opportunity to pass the benefit of that onto you!”

Now from a marketing point of view this would be graded an F.  Why, because it is all about the coach and her business and nothing about the client and their problem. The above is only one of thousands you can find that are very similar to this. The coach has his/her coaching head on not their marketing head.

So the second strategy is to take your solution and take out the I’s and turn it into a marketing statement.

Using the promise examples from above

In the first example you could say as your headline.
4 hour phobia cure stops those sick, hot and frozen feelings.

and in the second example…
Feeling socially awkward? 6 week program shows you how to be totally charismatic

In both these examples two issues are addressed

What your solution to their problem is (this is your Promise)
An emotion is targeted (this is the emotion that their problem presents)

Now, later on when we go into headlines and tag lines in much more detail we will add a third part that is directed at the specific person. We will also create several headlines where we target the fears and frustrations and the wants and aspirations of your ideal client. But more of that later.

So number 2, Make sure your Solution is marketing friendly.

3. Your Website- how effective is it??

your website boarder copyThe above two essentials lead us nicely to the third essential – your website.

Firstly ask yourself, what is the main goal of your website? Then, are you looking at this from a marketing or a coaches point of view and does your website do what you want it to?

Let me say now your website and particularly your home page should not be about your logo, your life, how you came to be a brilliant coach, or therapist, your qualification, your business, your past, your offices their locations or anything else to do with you. On the home page it is not even about your service or product.

Your home page may be your first contact with a prospective client so the whole page needs to be about..
Their problem
Your promise
CTA – Call to action

Your goal, and you only have 7 seconds to achieve this, should only be to connect instantly with them and get a name and email address.

So, how does your website and home page fare?

4. The 3 C’s

3c's boarder copyThroughout all you do and everywhere you market, which remember is everywhere you have a presence, keep in mind the 3C’s. They are Clarity, Connectivity and Consistency.

Clarity – make sure your are clear with your promise, who it is for and what problem it solves. Remember think one person, one problem, one promise. Ask yourself, who is my avatar my ideal client, what are their fears and frustrations, wants and aspirations, what are their problems and what is my promise.

Connectivity – at all times give your prospect a reason and a way to connect with you, build relationships, get your prospect on the ladder of loyalty, which means offer high value low risk content. The maximum you should ever be getting your prospect to risk in the first instant is their email and name. Build their trust by offering more valuable content before you consider an offer.

Consistency – this is vital, you all should have a marketing plan covering your website, social media, events and any direct advertising. You should be consistently generating new leads offering valued content and always include a CTA (call to action) at every point. This may simply be Like your Facebook page, or comment below or enter a name or email.

5. Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan2 copyDo you have a marketing plan? Coaches and therapists seem to hate it when I mention a marketing plan, but seriously do you have one? And if not, why not? And if you do, is it sysytemised and cover all parts of your business and the internet, it should be across all sectors of the internet and your business. Once you have it, follow it and importantly measure, monitor and manage it; after all if something is not working you should know and change it, keep what works and change what doesn’t.

So, 1. Do you have a marketing plan? and
2. Is your marketing plan working for you?

When Marketing you really need to put the coach or therapist in you to one side and get your markerters head on or get into my head (mind you that could be messy!!) but seriously you know what I mean, you need to model a marketer and think like they do, after all without clients there is no income, without income there is no helping or inspiring others.

So here are your Top 5 Marketing Essentials
1. Start with your Solution First
2. Ensure your solution is marketing friendly
3. Check your website
4. The 3C’s
5. Marketing Plan

Now I know this is being blunt and I may well ruffle a few of your feathers here but I get asked all the time how do I build my business or practice? Well most of you need to put down the book, stop chasing the next shiny object, get out of your coaches mentality and start building a lead generation system, drive traffic and give away great value content. Then you will find that you achieve the business you want.

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