Facebook Kills Off Like Box

The Facebook Like Box used on websites will be no more as of the 23 June 2015. It is being replaced by the Page Plugin, which in my opinion is a good thing. Let me show you why.

It Looks Better

Like Box

Facebook Like Box

Page Plugin

Facebook Page Plugin

As you can see, the page plugin looks better visually, and typically when something looks better people look at it more.

It Can Be Customised

There are more options you can manage and change. This is done in the Page Plugin, and the great thing is you can tick and un-tick the boxes to see the differences. When you are happy click ‘Get Code’. This is the code you add into the back end of your website.

I’ll explain the customisation options using the image below as a reference.

Facebook Page Plugin Customisations

You will need the URL of the Facebook Page you want to show on your website. Copy this from the address bar and paste it in the Facebook Page URL box in the Pages Plugin (outlined with yellow in the image below).

1. Width – You can alter the width of the plugin from a minimum of 180 pixels to a maximum of 500 pixels. This allows you to align the plugin with other items in your sidebar, or on your main page.
NB : The default is set at 340 pixels.

2. Header – There are 2 sizes for the header. The standard header is shown in the image and there is also a smaller option available. To see what this looks like place a tick in the box next to ‘use small header’.

3. Hide Cover Photo – You have the option to either show or hide the cover photo. My preference is to show it.

4. Show Friends Faces – You can either show or hide your friends faces. Again my preference is to show them as they offer unspoken credibility to your page.

The 5th option which I haven’t shown in the image is ‘Show Page Posts’. This is a personal thing, I choose not to show my Facebook posts because it’s a distraction away from the primary purpose of my website.

If someone else manages your website, check that they’re aware of this change and make sure it happens. If you’re stuck and need some help send me an email with your website URL and Facebook Page and I’ll send you the code back.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – stay ahead of the changes and take action now.

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